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  • Saturday 6th July 2012

    Al Mobty officially launches it's new web-portal in English. This website will include a whole new set of interactive features and will allow our web-audiences with a more friendly and informative experience.

  • Saturday 6th July 2012

    Al Mobty officially launches it's new web-portal in English. Currently the website is only in English and some features and links are under construction. Keep checking for future updates and additions.

  • Welcome to Al Mobty

    Welcome to the new and improved website of Al Mobty.

    This new website has been designed and developed with the aim to provide a more informative, a more insightful and interactive experience to our web audiences. With new and unique features such as a new Media Center, Contact Center and Project Showcase; we are geared and ready to arm our audiences with information that will truly educated them on our achievements as a company so far, and also keep them informed on what the future holds for Al Mobty as well.

    And with dedicated Career and Business Development Sections, getting in touch has never been easier. We hope that this experience is a fruitful one for our users and visitors alike and hope to see more of you at Al Mobty in the future...

  • Al Mobty: Who we are

    For over 40 years, as one of the largest and fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia; Al-Mobty has been providing high quality technical services, both locally and globally; in the fields of construction and maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, buildings, airports, dams, water and sewage networks, treatment plants, railways, electro-mechanical works, telecommunications, real estate and engineering consultancy.

    Al-Mobty is very proud of its global presence and has executed many international projects to date, thus establishing it firmly as one of the elite and select few home-grown companies in Saudi Arabia who have successfully undertaken and executed large - scale projects outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Take your time browsing the website and find out more about Al Mobty...